The Catch Up EP 19

Just a few weeks away from the Superbowl! 


Will the Titans be Superbowl contenders? Listen here while the crew of The Catch Up debates the possibilities! 

The Catch Up EP 18

Episode 18 of "The Catch Up" & Week 18 of the NFL! 

It's all about Wild-Cards & Playoffs!

Which teams will advance to the next round? 

Thanks for listening to "The Catch Up!"




Happy New Year 2020!

Week 17 of the regular NFL season! Wow!

Thanks for listening to The Catch Up!

Awesome Actors And Writers would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Here are the latest NFL highlights from Week 16.

In this week's Dasher Debate,

the team discusses what team will take lead for the spot in the playoffs.

Who will be the final leader in this upcoming game between the

49ers and the Seahawks? 

Also, check out some cool facts from Draegon

about Holiday traditions around the world! 



The Catch Up EP 15

Awesome Actors And Writers are catching up with 2 podcasts this week!


Here's Week 15 NFL Updates! 


Week 14 for the NFL

& Year #12 for MJ! 

This week on "The Catch Up, MJ's Birthday Special Episode,"

Awesome Actors And Writers

find out some cool facts about boating!

The team ventures out for a Whale Watching Tour to interview the Captain and a Recreational Boating Fan and learn all about who's doing what on the water.

The Catch Up EP 13

It's a rainy December here in Southern California and the team of Awesome Actors And Writers are meeting up rain or shine to bring you the latest NFL updates from Week 13. Seahawk's fans are ready to pull the ripcord and claim a seat in the playoffs, but the fighting 49ers are not giving up as they look to be planning a win for the next game to secure their seat as division leaders. Hear from Draegon with your All-Sport Wild Card Minute and find out something you might not have known about swimming! All this and more on today's episode of The Catch Up! Remember to check out Awesome Actors And Writers on YouTube to see the NFL FLAG LA Dolphins vs NFL FLAG Cowboys in the 2019 Fall Playoffs with player commentary. Thanks for listening to The Catch Up!







Happy Thanksgiving from Awesome Actors And Writers! 

The team has cooked up a fresh Podcast with a pinch of Thanksgiving tradition, plenty of NFL Football and a table full of friends!

Catch up with AAAW & Friends this Thanksgiving!



The Catch Up EP 11

Week 11 for the NFL and the 11th Episode of The Catch Up with hosts Awesome Actors And Writers.

This week in the debate, the team talks about the chances of the Chiefs making it to the Superbowl and the close games the Chiefs played against the Titans and Chargers.  

It's the end of the regular season for NFL Flag LA teams. Four teams will face off this weekend to decide who will be the final two making it to the Superbowl. 

Stay tuned after your regular NFL updates for the Surprise Guest Host featured in this week's All-Sport Wild-Card Minute. 

Welcome to The Catch Up 10th Episode Special


Five AWESOME hosts deliver this season's

TOP 10 latest highlights and breaking news for

NFL games & players,

Fantasy Football and NFL Flag LA Youth teams!  


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